Air Cure, Inc.

AIR-CURE Dust Collection and Control EquipmentAIR-CURE is the recognized leader for the design, supply, and installation of coal dust collection systems for Powder River Basin coals and other high-dusting fuels and materials.

AIR-CURE Inc. and its predecessors have specialized in dust collection systems and equipment for more than sixty years. AIR-CURE continues to out-perform competitors in filtration capabilities, filter systems, project integration, quality control, and customer satisfaction making us a leader in dust control and process filtration systems.

AIR-CURE supplies specific equipment and components or complete integrated systems including washdown and dry-fogging.

We specialize in custom design for collecting and removing particulate from industrial applications. AIR-CURE’s engineers have experience in thousands of dust collection applications in grain, wood, coal, aluminum, iron, clay and many other products.

From design to manufacturing, to turnkey installation, AIR-CURE is a one-source, one-responsibility company. AIR-CURE has a core group of engineers that have been working together in dust control for over 25 years and have over 700 installations on PRB coal dust.

AIR-CURE Dust Collection and Control SystemsAIR-CURE engineers have invented and built many baffle and dust containment enclosures for many processes from Rotary Car Dumps, trestle dumps, rotary breakers, batch load-outs, and zipper ducts. We are the leading supplier of dust control equipment for the mines in the Powder River Basin and for the utilities on PRB coal.

AIR-CURE strives to bring you the latest in Dust Control technology, continuously developing and testing for quality, efficiency and success.

AIR-CURE is experienced in solving coal dust air pollution problems as well as the fire and explosion problems associated with the following:

  • Car Dumper
  • Reclaim
  • Crusher House
  • Bunkers


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