About CMA Power

CMA Power is an independent manufacturer’s agency bringing industry-leading equipment and engineered solutions to power generation throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. With over 20 years of experience in the industrial and utility industry, Rick Kinsinger is both a sales agent and a licensed Professional Engineers who understands the challenges of the Power Industry and can work with you to find solutions to those challenges.

Rick Kinsinger, P.E. – Ohio Territory

Rick received his Engineering degree from Ohio State University in 1998. Before joining CMA Power, Rick had worked at a consulting engineering firm, a large mechanical contractor, and at Babcock & Wilcox. This diverse engineering experience gives him a unique perspective in the field, having seen things from the point of consultant, contractor, and OEM engineer. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Rick covers CMA Power’s utility, industrial, and OEM customers for most of the State of Ohio.

Jennifer Kinsinger – Accounting and Human Resources

Jennifer runs the office in Columbus, Ohio. Anyone lucky enough to work with her knows that she brings professionalism and a cheery attitude to anything she does. She “holds down the fort” so that Rick can spend his time with our customers.

Give CMA Power a call. Rick Kinsinger is ready to help you today.